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Shaw Timber Gap

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Shaw Timber Gap flooring is an engineered hardwood designed with Epic Plus, which makes each plank more durable than other similar hardwood flooring collections on the market. With a ScufResist Platinum finish, this floor blends the natural wonders of the hickory species with a durable core that can be installed at, above, or below grade due to its engineered construction, making it suitable for installs in basement remodels, attics, homes with split-level floor plans, and even kitchens without succumbing to excessive wear or damage from moisture. The wire-brushed surface further enhances the rustic beauty of hickory wood, and Timber Gap is a popular favorite with shabby-chic designers who want a floor that will hold up to scuffs, scratches, and stains. The pillowed edges enhance the visual patterns of each plank to accentuate the knots and natural grain patterns characteristic of the hickory species. Depending on the needs for your next project, Shaw Timber Gap hardwood can be installed via traditional glue- down, nail, staple, or floating.

Each of the eight color styles in the Timber Gap collection is offered with 5-inch-wide planks at random lengths to ensure a somewhat layered design pattern without appearing too rigid and uniform. Another benefit to this Shaw collection is that it can be installed over radiant heating systems without damaging the wood thanks to its engineered Epic Plus construction. Pacific Crest is Timber Gap's lightest color, ideal for foyers, kitchens with skylights, and living rooms with high ceilings and large open floor plans. In contrast, Bearpaw is a deep brown that pairs well with stainless steel kitchen appliances and off-white furniture for sharp eye-catching design accents with an edge. Bravo and Woodlake are both intermediate mid-tone browns, the former of which has a slightly higher color variation between planks. The more muted browns of Crystal Cave fit better in homes with a rustic motif, and also go well with areas in the home that require a subtle ambiance such as dens, home offices, dining rooms, and bedrooms.