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Shaw Symphonic 5"

Shaw Symphonic 5"

Shaw Symphonic 5” hardwood flooring collection is a stunning series from the Epic Traditions line. This Epic Engineered hardwood floor features micro-beveled edges and an ultra-durable ScufResist Platinum finish for superior abrasion resistance and long life. This collection is the euphonic root that resolves the harmonic tension of a décor melody. The touch and timbre of this classic collection is a true beauty to behold. Each tone its own distinct note that rings joyously in your home, this collection features naturally occurring characteristics like rippling grain, varying hues, and knotholes to increase the earthy feel of the wood and create a more inviting atmosphere. No matter your design dreams, the Shaw Symphonic 5” collection is the tune you’ll be humming all day long.

Shaw Symphonic planks measure 5” wide for a nice contemporary look. Red Oak Natural is a bright peach color with swirling grains that remind us of a sun-kissed brook bubbling throughout a forest. Bolder designers will love the sumptuous, sinfully red Merlot, which makes for an impressive dining room. Golden Wheat is a dusky gold brown color and looks splendid in natural sunlight, whereas Butterscotch offers undertones of pink that look wonderful in the bedrooms or kitchen. The complete spectrum offers designers a wealth of options to match any palate. The Shaw Symphonic 5” flooring collection creates a magnificent harmony in any room.