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Shaw Spirit Lake

Shaw Spirit Lake

Shaw Spirit Lake hardwood flooring exemplifies the gold standard of contemporary wood floors. This timeless collection of solid red oak planks combines classic and modern style for a truly versatile hardwood flooring solution. The natural swirls, grain patterns, and intermediate color variation between the random-length planks all create solid yet flowing visuals throughout the home. Equipped with a Scufresist Platinum finish, Spirit Lake will hold up against the elements better than many other hardwood products available, which will allow you to enjoy these floors for generations. Backed by a 50-year wear warranty, this Shaw collection will retain its original luster with proper maintenance and care.

Shaw Spirit Lake is available in four colors, all of which come in 5 wide planks for contemporary sensibilities. Rockford Red is one of our favorite options, as it provides a warm inviting atmosphere through its reddish brown tones. Honeysuckle Beach is the lightest of the colors, ideal for accentuating natural light in expansive rooms with panoramic windows and vaulted ceilings. In contrast, Sportsman Park is a deep charcoal grey hue that will provide a solid and dignified look throughout your home. Particularly, we love this color choice in home offices and dens.