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Shaw Heartland 5"

Shaw Heartland 5"

The Shaw Heartland 5” hardwood collection is all about getting to the heart of the natural beauty of oak hardwood. Showcasing 5 beautiful oak colors that are all beautiful in their own right, you get a taste of what hardwood really has to offer.

The Shaw Heartland 5” Coffee Bean showcases the beauty of dark hardwood by blending together a selection of dark browns to achieve a coffee bean hue which is perfect for contemporary spaces. If you’re looking for something dark but aren’t quite ready for something as dark as Coffee Bean, Hazelnut is another great color featuring dark browns but taking on a lighter tone – as if someone poured a little bit of coffee creamer into their fresh cup of coffee. Just enough to produce a slightly lighter tone. Gunstock begins to lighten up a bit by taking on a milk chocolate tone with a blend of reddish browns. This particular hue begins moving into the “imperfect” trend of wood by showcasing its knot spots. Caramel takes the spot of lightest hue as a dark golden-brown tone reminiscent of perfectly baked sugar cookies. Ok, maybe not entirely perfect as this hue has plenty of dark knotting and wormholes but unlike a cookie, this adds character and charm to the hardwood. Rustic Natural looks like a blend of Gunstock and Caramel, producing a vibrant and unique looking flooring pattern as each plank features a dominant color out of the two hues.

The Shaw Heartland 5” hardwood selection measures in at a 5” width with a random length available to suit your décor needs, as to be expected with hardwood. This gives you plenty of flexibility in design and needs, which is one of the many great reasons to choose hardwood for your flooring.