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Shaw Golden Opportunity

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Shaw Golden Opportunity 2 1/4" collection is a stunning and versatile oak hardwood flooring option with excellent grain patterns and a range of exquisite tones to accent your home. This series of wood boards highlights all of the best characteristics of oak paneling. With two plank widths to choose from, this wood is perfect to fit the dimensions of any room, ideal for a cozy atmosphere that will bring the family together. Celebrate your holidays on this festive flooring and experience the welcoming invitation genuine wood flooring brings to your home. If you're looking for a flooring option that can turn any otherwise ordinary house into a sophisticated home, look no further than the Shaw Golden Opportunity 2 1/4" hardwood collection. This truly is a golden opportunity in home design.

Shaw Golden Opportunity is offered in six stunning shades. Rustic Natural is a bright tone, blond with dark grain and a slight rosy flush. Imagine the family Christmas tree on such gorgeous flooring. Coffee Bean is the darkest of the colors, replete with deep, dark brown hues for a mysterious allure. Rustic Natural contrasts greatly as the lightest shade offered, with light golden brown tones ideal for accentuating natural light in rooms with open floor plans, large windows, and high ceilings. For a warmer, more inviting atmosphere, Shaw Golden Opporutinty Gunstock is an ideal choice, replete with red and brown amalgamations.

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