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Hickory hardwood floors have always been a popular staple for designers with rustic, traditional, and shabby-chic sensibilities. The new Shaw Fremont Hickory hardwood flooring collection fits perfectly with the aforementioned décor styles. Constructed with pillowed edges and a Scufresist Platinum finish, Fremont Hickory brings the best of eye-catching visuals and unmatched durability to the table. While many purists prefer solid hardwood, the engineered construction of Shaw's Fremont Hickory hardwood flooring line provides unmatched versatility in terms of where it can be installed; engineered wood is less limited by buckling, warping, and expansion/contraction that can render a beautiful floor as useful as an airbag on a motorcycle if proper care is not taken during the installation process.

Consumers sometimes get confused when any flooring industry professional mentions engineered wood. No, it is not fake wood, laminate, or cheaply made composite materials smashed together with cardboard and stolen wood pallets from behind the local Walmart; engineered wood simply means that a layer of true bona fide wood is supported by a structurally more versatile and flexible material underneath the top layer, as opposed to solid wood that is 100 percent wood all the way through to the subfloor. The benefits of engineered hardwood are lower cost, more installation options, and higher tolerance for climate extremes. Fremont Hickory can be installed over radiant heating systems, as well as in basements as it is less affected by moisture.

Shaw Fremont Hickory is available in six heavy-scraped colors ideal for both traditional and contemporary pairings. The scraped surface and wide 5" planks match up-to-date design sensibilities while retaining the rustic feel of hickory's past. Evening Shade is a muted intermediate brown with dusty undertones that pairs best with traditional décor reminiscent of 19th century style and construction. The burnt grey ash colorations found in the Veranda option go well with off-white accents and minimalist furnishings to create a subtle blend of modern and rustic motifs. The slight alternating reds and medium browns in Garden Bench are great for complementing mahogany furnishings and giving a rich, dignified feel to any living space. For something lighter, you may want to consider the Summer House color, replete with golden browns ideal for drawing in natural light from the outside. High color variations among the Weathered Gate and Pathway options project eye-catching visuals and patterns for an intricate, unique look that fits best in kitchens, bedrooms, and rooms with high ceilings and open floor plans.

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