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Shaw Channel Plank

Shaw Channel Plank Thicket Tile Flooring

The Shaw Channel Plank porcelain flooring is the wide, worn European coastal city hardwood flooring without the time and fragility taken to produce this hardwood look. By utilizing porcelain in place of hardwood, you get all the elegance and charm of hardwood without all the added hassle of upkeeping the hardwood and making sure it doesn’t fall apart over time.

What’s great about this particular collection is that it is a simple, yet traditional look. It features 6 colors that will feel familiar for you to choose from, such as the Shaw Channel Plank Brandy, which is a blend of dark and strong golds, reminiscent of brandy and mixed with grey graining to give the color an overall aged look. Cider is another great color taking on softer golden colors and mixed with diluted greys and browns for a subtler look. Flax favors more white and ivory colors as it blends with grey and slight drops of gold to give us an aged and neutral color that can fit in nearly any setting. Mussel leans towards brown blends rather than gold by utilizing the mixing of browns, tans, and greys with worn grey graining and etching. Thicket comes in as a darker brown hue with a balance of browns and greys from age blending together in harmony to produce a charming and elegant aging style of wood. Finally you have Stone Gate is a rough blend of grey and brown with grey becoming the dominant color as it dulls out the coffee browns and tans of the overall color of the plank.

The Shaw Channel Plank porcelain flooring selection comes in the unique size of 7”x22” which is a great blend of traditional style with uniquely sized planks. This will give you a little extra charm with your project as this porcelain flooring collection lays out uniquely and elegantly.