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Shaw Aviator

Shaw Aviator

The Shaw Aviator Plank hardwood collection is a beautiful rendition of hardwood and all the majesty that comes with natural hardwood looks. This hardwood selection has been hand scraped to really make the wood look hearty and stable as if the wood has been around for years and years and has seen it all. There is just something charming about antiqued wood and this hardwood collection is a great example of that.

This hardwood selection comes in 6 handsome and charming colors for you to choose from to suit your individual tastes. There is the Shaw Aviator Plank Earhart Brown, which is a warm, light brown wood color with dark brown graining that is really embellished on the plan to give it a rustic look. The Propeller Brown is a darker brown with lighter graining jagging across each individual plank to bring out its unique character. Blazing Skies is a mixture of bright light browns and bright dark browns. The dark brown graining is so rich that it appears to stain the hardwood in color as well as flow with the plank. Maverick Brown is on the cooler side of browns by primarily being light tan in color as a result of the scrapping with dark brown graining. What has been left behind is a rich, chocolate color brown with darker graining etched throughout. Atmosphere is a muted golden color with darker muted gold graining flowing with the movement of each wooden board. Kittyhawk is a warm brown color with tinges of lighter brown hues with dark brown graining streaking and flowing across the board with ease.

The Shaw Aviator Plank hardwood collection in one uniform size of 6x48 making for impressive an impressive width and length. At this size, you are able to get the beauty of each individual plank and a stunning overall look when you combine the planks together.