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Shaw Array Aviator Luxury Vinyl Plank

Shaw Array Aviator Luxury Vinyl Plank

Shaw Array Aviator Plank luxury vinyl is resilient flooring that looks like hardwood at its finest. One of Shaw’s newest collections, Aviator replicates the intricacies of hardwood grains, swirls, and knotholes with stunning accuracy and precision. More resilient against scratches, dents, and moisture than hardwood, vinyl planks have virtually no limitations to where they can be installed in your home. While hardwood is generally a terrible idea in bathrooms with heavy use, luxury vinyl that looks like wood won’t succumb to warping from excessive moisture. Equipped with a 15-year residential as well as a 5-year light commercial warranty, Aviator Plank will look fresh for years with very little maintenance.

Shaw Array Aviator Plank is available in six different colors—aptly named after aviation-appropriate terms—that accurately represent the looks of actual wood. Thanks to advanced imaging technologies, each 6” plank looks different from one another, which further enhances the realism of this luxury vinyl plank collection. Atmosphere is the lightest shade offered, reminiscent of the openness that bona fide oak hardwood provides to any space. Propeller Brown, in contrast, is a deep rich milk chocolate hue that looks as if it came directly from the original wooden propellers of Sopwith Camels during World War I. Kittyhawk is an intermediate sandy shade that matches well with a variety of different décor styles.