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Ragno Woodstyle

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Ragno Woodstyle Wood Grain Porcelain Tile Flooring is the latest and greatest if you're after genuine-looking, wood-effect tile that offers versatility when it comes to colors and sizes. With this collection, you'll be able to bring the outdoors inside with you and create a space that's both relaxing and full of life. Because this particular flooring collection can be laid on the floors of commercial or residential spaces, the options are virtually endless.

This series is made with impervious porcelain tile, which makes it a winner for areas requiring resistance when it comes to impact or freezing. The added benefit is obvious: natural woods face challenges in these environments, while this collection is a viable option for showers, spas, patios, steam rooms and exterior vertical applications where wood of course looks great, but is endangered and damaged quickly due to the natural elements. This collection features three authentic colors, Acero, Faggio, and Noce all of which have a slightly textured surface that is special and incredibly unique in its display as a contemporary, refined piece of wood. This series is offered in large-format planks, which makes for easy and creative pattern options for effects that can readily transition from floors to backsplash or entire walls. In Woodstyle Faggio you'll find your light-colored wood grain option, while Woodstyle Noce is a warm, medium brown tone reminiscent of chestnut. Tile sizes include 6x48 inch planks, 8x48 inch planks and large-format and 12x48 inch planks that make commercial applications more practical all with rectified edges. No decorative accents or coordinating trim is offered, but this stunning collection is made in the state-of-the-art 3D printing technique that uses the latest technology to produce the most detail and design capability when it comes to creating a wood-like effect on tile.

With Ragno Woodstyle Wood Grain Tile Flooring, you're sure to create the design of your dreams in all its natural-looking glory.

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