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Ragno Railwood

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The Ragno USA Railwood flooring series captures the beauty of reclaimed hardwood and combines it with durable porcelain tile, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of hardwood and strength. What’s amazing about this collection is that it features 3 bold and unique blend of colors.

Ragno USA Railwood Salvaged Gray is a distressed gray wood-look, featuring a distressed and worn-down look as if the wood has seen plenty of foot-traffic throughout its life, wearing away the darker tones of grey and allowing the softer colors to bleed through to the surface. Weathered Black is a charcoal grey distressed wood-look with lighter grey hues peeking through the worn spots of the tile design. Driftwood is the brown blend of the collection, featuring light and dark browns and tans blending together to create the incredibly worn out wood-look. Tans speckle the brown, tired wood style tile with dark brown staining areas of the plank in random sequences. Though antiqued in appearance thanks to its reclaimed look, this series would look brilliant in both contemporary and rustic settings as it is incredibly flexible due to its reclaimed style.

The reclaimed hardwood Ragno series is available in two plank sizes. There is the typical 6” x 36” size which is influenced by your standard plank size. There is a wider 9” x 36” size for those looking to cover more space with wide style planks which is ideal for larger rooms. For an extra bonus, this tile series is available for wall use, too.

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