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Ragno Cometstone

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Ragno USA Cometstone porcelain tile flooring offers a classic color palette with the look and feel of natural stone. This durable collection is perfect for commercial and residential applications. Six eye­catching colors and decorative inserts make this tile easy to match with any décor or real stone.

These stone look porcelain tiles offer the benefits of natural surfaces with far fewer pitfalls. The surface is resistant to moisture damage, which makes this lineup ideal for kitchens and bathrooms with significant water exposure. You can also rest easy knowing the rugged design offers protection against stains and scratches with little maintenance.

Three tiles and matching mosaics provide easy design layout and separation of spaces. This tile can bring the look of stone to any commercial or residential setting. The smallest 6 1/2” size helps you achieve spatial depth in smaller rooms, while the 20” x 20” tiles are well suited for larger rooms that seem too expansive.

Cometstone Sun Flash is a perfectly blended color with slight red highlights and can be used with classic or modern furniture layouts. The warm rays of the sun and rich accents found in natural light make this a great choice for rooms with large natural windows. Consider kitchens and master baths with modern décor schemes for this model.

Looking for the charming effects of water and stone? Turn to Cometstone Green Valley for a weather worn look in bathrooms and modern kitchens. Centuries of detail sculpted by waterfalls and raging rapids are mimicked with engineered quality.

Modern appliances, glass showers and granite counters are all stylish complements to this color. The mosaic option is a great choice any of these colors if you prefer more spatial depth in cramped spaces.

Gold Wing is the brightest shade available and sports golden yellow tiles that capture natural or artificial light. Rooms with large windows and bright décor accentuate the design effect of this choice, while darker fabrics create more of a stark contrast.

To order Ragno USA Cometstone porcelain tile flooring, please call us for square footage quotes.

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