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Ragno Belle Harbor

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Ragno USA Belle Harbor tile flooring is a stunning blend of North African limestone and linear marble aesthetic, designed with neutral shading and staining. This elegant and unique collection is available in 4, modern colors, which is sure to add a fashionable, contemporary taste to any room.

The Ragno Belle Harbor Beachfront is a light grey color reminiscent of sandy white beaches streaked with slightly darker parallel lines as if someone took the bottom end of an umbrella and ran it through the sand, creating a soft pattern throughout each slab of tile. This series looks best with the tile slabs placed in random placements with seemingly no rhyme or reason to the look. Serenity is the darker grey hue with charcoal, striping patterns dominating the lighter grey background which peeks through the streaking pattern. Sidewalk is a light taupe color with dark, parallel liner patterns racing across in a staining pattern. Seaside is the darker sandy hue, reminiscent of tan sandy beaches trekked with ocean water creating the parallel line pattern.

The Ragno Belle Harbor series is available in three sizes to fit your individual tastes and décor needs. There is the plank format measuring in at a wide 9” x 36” and a large contemporary tile format sized 18” x 36”. If you happen to need something smaller, there is the smaller contemporary size of 12” x 24” available for you and your décor needs. For finishing touches, two stiles of mosaics are available for you to choose from: herringbone and linear.

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