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Naturelle Vinyl

Naturelle Vinyl

Naturelle Vinyl flooring line is far from anything you’ve ever witnessed in the vinyl flooring world. It is has ambitions to be something bigger and better than your average vinyl floor which offers nothing in the way of creativity and captivity. It is all about symmetry and perfecting the art of surprise. It is a thrilling departure from the typical vinyl selections and bold take on what it means to stand out…for a great reason!

Naturelle Cork vinyl flooring collection cleverly developed its name from cork itself with shades like Cork Cabinet which is a wondrous prelude to an even more delicious bottle of wine while Cork Malbec is a brighter cork accent filled with warmth and beauty. Collections like Naturelle Marble are in fact, a marvel due to its undying willingness to create the illusion of real marble flooring. Shades like Marble Carrara and Crème deliver smooth and ivory goodness as Marble Emperador leads to a chocolate masterpiece of marble masculinity. Naturelle Slate and Shale are fabulous mixtures of rock accented shades with colors like Slate and Shale Vermont and Viridian Shale ranking high in popular.

Besides a multitude of shades and colors, there are various other enhancements within this collection like long, narrow, or wide plank options to increase any design aesthetic for any design aficionado. Faux features never dreamed of being as glorious as this. This line is not about pretending, but about suspending the sense of reality we all face we see an average and typical floor. The various elements used to create this line as crafted with care and the highest level of quality engineering. Focus your attention on the splendor and wonder of a unique and rare treasure like Naturelle Vinyl Project Flor, Travertine, or any one of the other six colors.

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