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USFloors Natural Cork

USFloors Natural Cork

USFloors Natural Cork is stylish, durable, functional, and affordable, earning the title of one of the hottest flooring products on the market today. Blending unrivaled appeal with inherent top qualities, USFloors Natural Cork is a smart solution to flooring while likewise serving as a sustainable alternative. Harvested from the bark of oak trees in the Mediterranean, cork flooring beautifully adorns both homes and commercial spaces without ever requiring the damage of a single tree. Inherently durable, cork flooring is incredibly soft underfoot due to its tiny air pocket composition that offers a cushiony surface. Additionally, cork is naturally fire retardant and its waxy nature serves as an insect repellent.

USFloors Natural Cork features either glue-down tiles or floating floor planks that are widely used in banks, offices, libraries, and many other spaces across the globe. With uses stemming back to as early as 400 B.C., cork is a great solution for making any home feel like a cozy retreat with its inherent insulating features that likewise exude a warming sensibility. Cork also exhibits natural sound absorbency, offering a quiet backdrop to any commercial spaces. Choose from a wide range of collections, styles, and shades for optimal creative customization. The Classics collection takes a more traditional approach to cork flooring, revealing its iconic porous complexion in a wide array of earthen inspired finishes. Mimicking a more hardwood inspired lure, New Dimensions offers extra-wide 8”x36” planks that deliver the timeless sophistication of hardwood flooring. Differing greatly from the expected, USFloors Natural Cork Linoleum allows freedom of expression with unconventional shades and a smooth appearance, great for any space in need of added flair.

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