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USFloors Bamboo Floors

USFloors Bamboo Floors

USFloors delivers nothing less than stylish aesthetics with trusted resiliency, offering a wide array of instinctually alluring bamboo flooring. With humble beginnings grown and harvested throughout Asia, bamboo is a part of grass family that features rapid growth, which allows for responsible harvesting every four years. With that in mind, it can be cut close to ground level without damaging the root system for a sustainable product. Environmentally conscious, USFloors Natural Bamboo offers inherent durability proven to be 27 percent harder than oak and 13 percent harder than maple flooring. Additionally, the complex fiber composition of bamboo allows for more moisture resistant attributes. These attributes permit the beauty of these floors to be applied in rooms where natural hardwood would never be seen.

USFloors Natural Bamboo is a great addition to any space in need of added style, sophistication, elegance, and undeniable personality. The Traditional collection reveals the raw, organic nature of bamboo in engineered planks of 6? wide that offer strict strand-like appearances. Hand-Scraped features a deeper complexion of handcrafted detailing that closely resembles classic hardwood. The popular Locking collection reveals a more iconic nature of bamboo in distinct finishes with easy locking installation methods. A mixture of eclectic sensibilities with antique styles, Strand Woven is a lively collection that reveals strong shade variations with enchanting linear detailing. Distinct, durable, and everything else your home needs these floors to be, Natural Bamboo is a practical addition to any space with timeless style that will be cherished for generations.

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