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MS International Eramosa

MS International Eramosa

MS International Eramosa porcelain tile uses sophisticated technology to digitally reproduce the look and feel of Eramosa stone. The fine grained features and delicate banding of this gorgeous Canadian limestone are glazed onto the surface of tiles fired at high temperatures to create durable porcelain tiles built to withstand the toughest interior and exterior conditions. This unique blend of technology and style make this porcelain tile like an impeccable match for anyone interested adding the striking beauty of banded limestone home with all of the realistic colors and textures such an attractive natural material affords.

Inside this collection, you will find a muted palette of refined grey, polished white, and gentle beige. Refined and delicately lined with thin veins of mineral detail, each option provides a fine backdrop to any chic and on-trend interior space. Modern with the timeless touch only a natural material can produce, each tile is sleek in appearance. Eramosa Grey is the darkest variety, it has the smoky handsome appearance of a grey cliff beside the ocean while Eramosa White provides the tranquility and smooth lines of a high cirrus cloud floating above a calm sea. In the mid tonal range are beige and silver options which live up to their namesakes. Beige being warm but gentle like a sandy beach in autumn sun and silver like a river of tranquil refinement with its faint mineral bands stacked neatly upon each other.

MS International Eramosa tiles are available in rectangular 12 x 24 size. Tile varieties can easily be combined for dramatic design options. Each can be used on floors or walls. Tiles from this collection re ideal for high traffic areas and designs built for clean looks with minimal maintenance. Perfect for homes, business, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and even bedrooms, these versatile elements provide chic textured surfaces with a natural flair. Bring home the polished look of limestone today.