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Mohawk Aladdin Charged

Mohawk Aladdin Charged
Mohawk Aladdin Charged

The Mohawk Aladdin Charged Carpet Broadloom Series is suited for business as it is guaranteed to compliment any commercial space with its expansive selection of colors providing fresh style along with outstanding quality and durability. The series is offered in both carpet and tiles giving you the style flexibility you desire which will allow you to energize and bring life to any space in need of recharging.

There are 18 color combinations that focus on earthy, neutral tones for you to choose from, such as the Aladdin Charged Earth Source carpet. This blend is a great neutral palette that has deep earth tones of rich browns and beiges along with black and flecks of olive green. The Charged Heat Cell is composed with medium warm beige as the primary hue with hints of butterscotch, khaki, olive and black making this hue a lighter alternative to Earth Source. The Charged Firewall blend is made of deep red and olive as the main combination of colors with black and cream to add some earthy stones to this fiery mix. Charged Enviro has tones of beige, caramel and forest green marbling, reminiscent of a forest floor. Charged Water Power looks to the ocean with navy blue sweeping the carpet with speckling of beiges, tans, and olives streaking across the carpet in a rhythmic pattern.

This Mohawk Aladdin Charged comes not only with great colors but with great sizes, too. As a broadloom selection you have a carpet that has a 12 width accompanied by random length options, allowing you to have great flexibility in constructing your commercial space.