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Metroflor Engage Select

Metroflor Engage Select
Metroflor Engage Select

Metroflor Engage Select Plank vinyl floors breathe warmth and comfort into any commercial space for a welcoming atmosphere with modern day conveniences. Authentic visuals replicating the ornate personality of natural hardwood are flawlessly applied to bold vinyl planks for flooring with character. Intricate grain details with sweeping complimenting tones further the appeal of these hardwood replications topped with added textures for the highest level of realism. Bringing to life the most sought after wood grain species, these floors are built to withstand all the heavy foot traffic of a commercial space and more. Resistant to fading, stains, wearing and moisture, these solid vinyl floors are comprised of premium virgin vinyl offering easy installation with glueless Uniclic Locking System cutting time and labor costs.

Offering optimal versatility, the organic nature of these hardwood emulated vinyl floors are applied to bold 7" x49” planks offering amplified beauty that is likewise an in vogue design statement. Backed by a limited residential and ten year commercial warranty, these 5 mm thick vinyl floors are available in eight warming tones to infuse an inviting lure and irresistible comfort. Sun River Oak is a light finish offering the iconic intricacies of oak in light golden tan backdrop topped with burnt amber wood grain detailing. Differing, Seal Rock Hickory presents more subdued grain detailing in warm ashy brown tones with hints of light fawn tans depicting a rugged flair.

For those wanting a different look away from the wood plank, Metroflor Engage Select Tile vinyl floors are simply stunning, inspiring and intriguing. Depicting the nature of various stones, these resilient vinyl tiles bring an organic beauty to any commercial or residential space. Built to withstand above average wear and tear, Engage Select Tile offers a high-end appeal with welcoming attributes. Cutting edge technology delivers the highest level of realism incorporating visuals of mineral deposits, striations and clefting. Topped with sweeping warm tones for added visual depth, embrace the available textures that bring excitement to any space. An engaging collection, these solid vinyls are built to withstand moisture, wear, stains and fading with ease comprised of premium virgin vinyl for the highest level of quality. Additionally, equipped with Uniclic Locking System installation technology, application is a snap while cutting down on time and labor costs.

Ceramic Bead overlay finishes help for added resiliency while likewise allowing the intricate personality of these stone emulated vinyl floors to come alive for high-impacting style. Choose from six warm tones displaying the organic lure of slate and stone applied to versatile 12" x24” tiles. Crème is a lighter shade within the series offing a cloudy complexion in shade of warm creams and ivories with hints of tan details. Differing greatly, Desert Sand offers a golden tan hues with etched visuals offering the look of sophisticated opulence. Sterling is a deep stone grey hue with faint tan undertones perfect for accenting any modern or contemporary decors.