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Metroflor Engage Essentials

Metroflor Engage Essentials
Metroflor Engage Essentials

The Metroflor Engage Essentials collection is an essential choice in flooring offering the warmth, comfort and organic beauty of hardwood in resilient vinyl plank form. Offering the stunning beauty of oak, maple, cherry and walnut species, these wood look vinyl floors breathe energy and character into any residential or commercial space. Built to withstand heavy wearing, fading, scratches, moisture and more, Engage Essentials is a trusted choice in flooring with stunning beauty and inherent anchoring ability. Pulling together any décor scheme for a completed comforting style, these vinyl floors offer modern day conveniences with easy maintenance requirements differing greatly from their hardwood inspiration. Additionally, Uniclic Locking Technology allows for easy installation while cutting down on time and labor costs.

Backed by a 20 year residential warranty and a five year commercial warranty, choose from six engaging finishes. Furthering the appeal of these vinyl wood emulations, the application of bold 7 ˝” x47 ˝” planks enhance the impact of these vinyl floors offering amplified details for timeless flooring. Fruitland Maple is a light finish offering a raw, untouched look to the sleek, tight wood grain details of maple. Differing greatly, Woodland Oak presents ornate wood grain pattern in an amber tan hue for instant warmth and passion. The finish of Ashton Walnut presents a deep complexion offering sweeping, elongated details in warm brown hues accented with vivid tan and dark chocolate visuals.