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Mexican Travertine

Mexican Travertine

Florida Tile is proud to bring to you the legend of Mexican Travertine. Used for centuries in some of the most recognizable structures of ancient times, this beautiful and enduring product comes into the 21st Century with style and sophistication. The three wall sizes, 3"X6", 4"X4", and 6"X6", have beveled edges while the two floor sizes 12"X12" and 16"X16", rectified for beautiful installation. The three natural shades vary with the veining of this classic natural product. Listellos, Chair Rails, Liners, and a variety of mesh-mounted Mosaics make this a true portfolio, something for every conceivable installation need.

A stunning addition to the Pietra Art series, this collection of Travertine from old-Mexico has been selected and finished using the highest standards.