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Mannington Restoration wood look laminate flooring collection mixes vintage charm and engineered quality for all your living spaces. You will enjoy a reclaimed look that adds character to rooms of all sizes. A stunning array of 65 floor colors crosses the design spectrum and meets all palettes. This variety helps remodeling projects stay on schedule and within budget. There are common benefits among this vast election. Fine craftsmanship mimics the natural attributes of oak, walnut, hickory, and other available species. You will see swirls, color variations and grain that exude weather worn appeal.

New laminate floors seem steeped in time, yet have many advantages as a hardwood alternative. The surface is stain and scratch resistant with easy maintenance. A 1/2" thickness protects against the moisture damage that can plague wooden counterparts. A new technology of Spillshield is also offered for Mannington Laminate Floors. This is the first technology to actively resist moisture, leaving mishaps regarding: standing moisture, spills, and even pet messes. A 72-hour moisture warranty states your floors will not be damaged! An extensive warranty for added peace of mind.

You can install laminates with confidence in rooms with all levels of foot traffic, such as front spaces, kitchens and even patios. This flexibility helps designers bring authentic appeal to spaces in a way that is not otherwise possible. Even the most demanding tastes will appreciate the genuine details, textures, and grain apparent in each panel.

Restoration Nantucket Driftwood series is by far the lightest color palette of the entire collection. Offered in 3 different colors, with each incorporating white, grey, and tan accents, that create a very icy, tranquil, and timeless floor that is immensely mesmerizing. Each color presents itself with a light, and impeccable visual, that emphasized each grain and knot to produce this floor to look absolutely-stunning, especially in large-open areas of a home such as kitchens or living rooms. When combined with tan and darker accented décor styles, the floor pops with electric insanity through its distressed texture, providing a chic style no one wants to miss.

Restoration Arcadia is a darker series with an intense hardwood look, that show cases its natural bold character with a very subtle wire brush effect. Two browns and a darker smoky grey are offered in color. Within each color-palette selection, this floor does a fantastic job of smoothly blending its dark browns and greys with very minimal white accents, to really create a rustic masterpiece within each pattern. If you’re a modern day, contemporary lover, this is the flooring choice for you! Giving you the perfect pastoral and timeworn graphic.

Restoration Historic Oak, is one that holds all the characteristics of a reclaimed wood floor, that mixes its realistic saw marks and nail holes within one another to really create a natural rustic style. This series offers brown tones, consuming light and dark hues that incorporate faint white streaks within its grain to really portray a beautiful wooden floor. This color choice looks impeccable in wide areas such as living rooms and kitchen areas with dark brown to black décor styles that have added colors of decorative features.

Looking at lighter shades for your kitchen, living room floors? Turn to Restoration Black Forest Oak. The radiant accents help kitchens and living rooms of all sizes seem roomier and statelier. This perfectly constructed floor offers its colors to be intertwined with flawless marks, knots, and rich grain, that glides throughout each plank effortlessly, to produce a calm and content feeling. Rooms with natural light exposure will reveal the distinct accents of each color for a bright and cheery sensation, with a hint of sophistication.

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