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LM Flooring Heritage

LM Flooring Heritage

The LM Flooring Heritage collection features a light, charming hardwood collection that makes you think of traditional hardwood flooring. There are 8 lovely colors to choose from, all of which will add a splash of light colors to your room. Just look at LM Heritage Natural for instance. This Brazilian Cherry is a gorgeous, rich ruby red color with easy, swirling graining.

Cinder is a warm bronze color reminiscent of its namesake. This reddish brown hue is nothing short of cozy. Speckled with imperfections in the form of circular scraping, this hue has a slightly rough appearance as if it sat by the fireside too long. Hearth was probably what Cinder looked like before it sat by the fire. Hearth features a light golden bronze color with heavy scraping focused primarily in secluded areas on the plank. Tobacco is the darkest color option available as a smoky brown with waves and jagged graining scattered throughout the wood designs with heavy focus on staining and graining in select areas on the plank in a random sequence. In contrast, Wheat is the lightest color option available as a blonde hardwood hue with rippling, gentle graining and darker tan staining on random planks of wood.

The LM Heritage hardwood series measures to a size of 5 x 48 and comes with versatile installation options, making this series a great choice to stall in almost any location with ease! Your hardwood will be yours alone to choose how it looks.