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LM Flooring Chalet

LM Flooring Chalet

LM Flooring Chalet is an interesting and beautiful hardwood flooring series as it uses a wide range of monochromatic shades within each hue. Imperfections riddle this collection with heavy scraping and gashing present on many of the available options for this flooring.

Just take a look at LM Chalet Cavern – this bronze hardwood has heavy doses of scraping, gashing, and graining, giving it heavy characterization and a very worn look all while keeping its vibrant, youthful color. Fireside takes on a milk, chocolate brown reminiscent of melted chocolate for s’mores. This hardwood focuses on the rough characteristics of its imperfections and even embellished imperfections. Leathered in this series takes on a golden appearance mixed with soft tan and tinges of copper staining, with jagged graining zagging across each plank like lightning. Barley is a light, mousy brown with intense charcoal graining dashing across the planks, giving it a grey secondary color. Almond is a reddish brown blend with dark staining bordering on black in appearance, also complete with heavy scraping to give it a really old-fashioned look. Ridgeline comes in as the darker reddish brown version of Almond with a blend of cherry and brown coming together. As you can see, each of the 6 hues carry an air of handsomeness that will add charm to your space.

The LM Chalet comes in at 5” x 48” in size, making it an easy and versatile hardwood that can fit in almost anywhere and look good doing it. Not to mention, you can install this hardwood however you desire, whether you want to nail it down, glue it, or float it!