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Kertiles Crystal

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Kertiles Crystal porcelain tile showcases a remarkably polished white look reminiscent of décor found in palatial estates and upscale museums. With elegance and sophistication in mind, the Crystal collection will give any otherwise ordinary home a 180-degree turnaround. If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to brighten up your home with class and style, consider Kertiles Crystal for your next flooring project. Thanks to its polished finish and light color, your home will possess a reflective effect much like a clear lake would on a day without a single cloud in the sky, and you will be happy with the spatial depth this effect can provide.

The Crystal collection from Kertiles comes in one White color and two sizes. Depending on your own personal style, choose elongated 12”x24” or monolithic 24”x24” porcelain tiles. If you really want to go for an avant-garde design pattern, you could mix and match tile dimensions and lay them out in an alternating pattern, with two parallel 12”x24” tiles surrounded by larger 24”x24” ones.

Kertiles Crystal White 24" x 24"
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Discounts Available By Phone. Call 510-698-5142
Kertiles Crystal White 12" x 24"
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Discounts Available By Phone. Call 510-698-5142