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Karndean Van Gogh Plank

Karndean Van Gogh Plank
Karndean Van Gogh PlankKarndean Van Gogh Plank

Karndean Van Gogh Plank is a vinyl flooring collection designed to feature the appearance of a traditional hardwood floor. Many homeowners find that hardwood flooring requires more care and maintenance than they wish to provide, leading them to rule out the possibility of granting their space the warm, comfortable atmosphere that a wooden floor provides. However, with this exciting series of wood-look vinyl flooring, a space can be endowed with the appearance of a hardwood floor, only with the low maintenance and extra durability that a vinyl floor provides. The illusion that this vinyl floor is constructed of wood is only furthered by the realistic plank lengths of 7” x 48”, as well as the convincing wood grain and coloration.

There is a huge variety of finish options available in the Karndean Van Gogh Plank vinyl flooring series. With 21 selections based on real species of wood, including styles such as Karndean Van Gogh Plank Christchurch Oak, a vibrant medium brown with heavy charcoal character marks. Copper Gum is a light reddish tan color with a blend of light and dark reddish brown tones. There are several others to choose from however – these are only a handful of what’s available to you. Any style can be highlighted by this impressive series of wood-look vinyl flooring. Beautiful and convincingly realistic, this vinyl flooring collection captures the appearance of a true wooden floor, with a much easier to clean surface as well as added durability and resilience. Although great in residential homes, Van Gogh is perfect for any light to medium commercial settings as well. Restaurants, Offices and Retail stores have great success with this product for again not only looks but durability as well. If a different design is desired, check out the sister product Opus for contemporary and rustic designs.