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Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals Collection

Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals Collection

The Kahrs Scandinavian Naturals hardwood collection is a beautiful engineered series presenting rich visual depth through light contrasting hues. Showcasing the bold beauty of rarely seen Nordic Ash, these hardwoods are an elegant addition to any space offering dramatic beauty that likewise accents with any surrounding design elements. Finished with a veneer base, pine and spruce core and an 1/8 surface layer of genuine ash for natural beauty and long-lasting durability. This construction allows for minimal milling wasted while likewise offering ease of mind flooring capable of holding up to everything the home can throw at it.

Bold 7 7/8 wide planks feature 1-, 2-, and 3-strip patterns for added visual charm. The Scandinavian Natural hardwood collection delivers a clean and crisp aesthetic for an elegant oasis that is seamlessly warm and inviting for a space that nobody will want to leave. A silk matte finish brings out the personality of these floors enhancing the high-contrasting visuals for an amplified appeal. The lighter shade of Ash Kalmar presents light yellow-tan tones with intricate, ornate wood grain detailing. Differing greatly, Ash Gotland offers soft sweeping linear grain patters for elongated visuals in complex mixtures of warm tones in yellow and golden tans.