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Johsonite I.D. Freedom Abstract

Johsonite I.D. Freedom Abstract

Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Abstract is an incredibly contemporary style of flooring. From the styling to the colors, this luxury vinyl collection takes on a very chic look. If youíre looking for something modern without any hassle with upkeep, this flooring is for you.

Available in a wide array of 33 colors and styles, you canít go wrong with such a haut look. For example there is the Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Abstract TexLine Charcoal, which is a dark grey hue with heavily lighter grey streaking closely running parallel to one another. For something bold and different, there is Unravel Deep Blue, which is a navy blue hue with lighter navy strip patterns running throughout the blue background. Unravel Soft Neutral Lt is another unique look as this hue is dark ivory tone with lighter ivory strips on top. From these examples here, you can see that you have many great options to choose from, especially creative ones.