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IVC Vinyl Moduleo Horizon Stones

IVC Vinyl Moduleo Horizon Stones

IVC Vinyl Moduleo Horizon Stones luxury vinyl tile flooring brings the classic appeal of Tuscany to modern living spaces with high tech manufacturing. The 8 choices of luxury vinyl tiles feature an array of colors, patterns and details that are steeped in centuries of time. You will enjoy a lovely surface that is less subject scratches, stains or moisture damage compared to other choices.

Each of these stone look vinyl tile floors sports a visually striking 12” x 26” design to achieve separate design effects in rooms of all sizes. The broad width helps large rooms seem more inviting and smaller rooms gain spatial depth. You will see the rich details created by high tech imaging that replicates the effects of water, sun and wind on stone surfaces over time. Our flooring design team is available to discuss how a luxury vinyl tile's size affects the décor choices in rooms of different dimensions.

Look to Horizon Stones Tuscan Slate 36880 for a dark and luxurious tone that is ideal in formal spaces, such as living rooms and maser bedrooms. You will see elements of black, green and gray that seem honed by all seasons. This shade gives rooms a stately feel and is enhanced with light colored décor that provides a stark contrast. Consider Tuscan Slate 36970 for a slightly lighter alternative that has the similar design benefits.

With Horizon Stones Olympia Stone 46850, designers bring weather worn charm to living spaces in a limestone tone that seems frozen in Renaissance times. As a fairly neutral shade, this olive tone pairs nicely with changing design trends for versatile design benefits.

Common benefits of these luxury vinyl floors include a manufacturer's warranty and worry­free maintenance. Contractors provide a secure fit with floating installation that keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Please call us to order IVC Vinyl Moduleo Horizon Stones luxury vinyl tile flooring. Our product experts will provide square footage quotes and answer your questions.