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Iris US Porcelainwood

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Iris US PorcelainWood fusion tile flooring meshes two classic surfaces for an exquisite look that enhances the interior design of nearly all home décor schemes. Designers can choose 5 colors of porcelain wood tiles that cross all points on the spectrum and create custom design effects in rooms of all sizes. This 6” x 24” standard size create spatial depth in small rooms while making expansive rooms seem more inviting.

Yes, there is flexibility and fine details aplenty in this series, but common benefits abound as well. A porcelain wood tile's surface is easy to clean and resistant to the stains or scratches that can plague hardwood floors. The rugged design guards against moisture damage, which make this series a wise choice in kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces with water exposure. Thanks to an eco­friendly process, this roster meets green interior design concepts with a soft footprint.

Whatever the choice, these porcelain wood tile floors will withstand foot traffic for years to come. A full manufacturer's warranty is added peace of mind your investment will hold up for years to come. With easy installation, contractors provide a lasting fit in all rooms under various conditions.

PorcelainWood Brownwood IRG0624032 boast rich color and fine grain that brings warmth to any living space. Living rooms with wood furniture and kitchens will stainless steel appliances are great landing spots for this model. As a fairly neutral color, this fusion tile floor combines natural aesthetics and modern engineering in versatile applications. You could also turn to Greywood for a comparable design effect with a more understated effect.

Meanwhile, PorcelianWood Sandwood IRG0624030 is a radiant shade of light brown with a weather worn look ideal for nature inspired themes. The rustic charm of this model brings rustic charm to rooms with large windows that allow natural light to put the bright tones on full display. Modern kitchen with wood cabinets and granite countertops are popular destinations for this model.

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Iris US Porcelainwood 6" x 24" Bullnose
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