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Interceramic Travertino Royal

Interceramic Travertino Royal

The Interceramic Travertino Royal tile series features tiles designed to offer the appearance of natural travertine, a building material used in the creation of some of the most renowned, elegant architecture from around the globe. This tile series looks great wherever it is applied, adding a sense of class and sophistication to any room of a home. This tile collection is available in sizes of 16x16 and 24x24 , ensuring that no matter the size of a space, it can be properly accented by these stunningly beautiful tiles. The Interceramic Travertino Royal collection is perfect for adding a sense of high-class elegance to any home where it is featured.

The available colors in the Interceramic Travertino Royal line include fashionable options such as Ivory, the lightest tan shade available in the set; Walnut, a medium beige tone; Gold, a golden-hued tan; and Noce, a natural light brown. These colors all appear very natural and refined, offering class and sophistication to any space where they are used. All in all, this stunning line of travertine inspired floor and wall tile is an ideal means of creating a space that expresses a royal feeling of elegance, reminiscent of ancient architecture that was only fit for the most high-class citizens of empires gone by.