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Interceramic Tokio

Interceramic Tokio

Interceramic Tile’s Tokio Collection is a contemporary & fashionable glazed, rectified porcelain tile that will add beneficial styling to any space. Designed to match a wide variety of design decors, Tokio is a tile that you will enjoy for years to come. Offered in 16” x 31 ½” rectangular tiles, the Tokio Collection can be installed in a number of spaces with geometrical ease.

Color options range in shade from light to dark. Lighter colors include “Canvas”, “Ivory”, and “Smoke”. Canvas includes pinkish-beige tones, while Ivory’s beige tones are much more muted and neutral. Smoke is tinted with browns, but is still light enough to complement a variety of areas and color themes. Darker shades include “Graphite” and “Marrone”. Graphite is a stippled blend of black and gray with a hint of dark blue; perfect for areas calling for dark, cool tones. Marrone is a warmer blend than Graphite, featuring an intermingling of medium-brown and dark beige tones; perfect for a variety of applications. Interceramic’s Tokio Line is a striking collection of colors and textures that are sure to complement your taste in décor and lend a global, modern look to homes and businesses.