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Interceramic Shimmer Blends

Interceramic Shimmer Blends

The Interceramic Shimmer Blends tile series features a stunning array of tile mosaics that add style and flair to any space. These mosaics are perfect for decorating bathrooms or kitchens, the spaces behind countertops, and virtually any area that one can imagine. When a space is decorated with only tile, although it may be beautiful, something may be lacking in its design. With Interceramic Shimmer Blends mosaics, adding the final touch to a space’s design is simple.

These tile mosaics come sized 2” x 2” , and feature exciting color patterns such as Arctic, a mix of blue shades, Autumn, a mix of whites and greys of varying shades, Checkerboard, a traditional black and white pattern, Coral, a mix of golden tones, Desert, a mix of browns and tans, Foilage, a blend of greens, Garden, a mixture of vibrant greens with an offsetting light purple shade, Ocean, a mix of dark blues, yellows, and greens, and Shadow, a mixture of white, and light to dark shades of blue. The glass mosaic tiles of the Interceramic Shimmer Blends series are a tasteful and attractive means of adding a fashionable flair to any room that features a tile design, enabling one to decorate their space to suit their own personal taste and style.