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Interceramic Oxide Wall Tile

Interceramic Oxide Wall Tile

Interceramic Oxide Wall Tile is designed to give the appearance of an oxidized surface, perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms. This wall tile collection also expresses a sense of worn elegance, adding class to any space where it is applied. These Interceramic Oxide Wall Tile options are ideal for creating a classic, rustic yet sophisticated appearance, or for accentuating artistic or urban décor. These stylish attractive wall tiles are available in tile sizes of 4 ¼”x4 ¼”, 6”x6”, and 8”x10”. Decorative bullnoses are also available, offering homeowners the chance to personalize the design of their space.

The available color options in the Interceramic Oxide Wall Tile series are absolutely striking, featuring slightly metallic shades designed to appear oxidized. The finish options include Quarzo, a metallic off-white that is the lightest option; Argilla, a rust colored red; and Graphite, a mix of metallic purple and silvery grey tones that composes the most exotic color available in this collection. The Interceramic Oxide Wall Tile series is an ideal means of creating a space in any home that features a stylish, sophisticated flair, while also featuring the look of classic elegant architecture. This wall tile line is perfect for expressing a sense of beauty and class in a home, offering one a great way to enhance the appearance of many hard-to-decorate spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen.