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Interceramic Linen

Interceramic Linen

The Interceramic Linen collection offers simple elegance with subtle shade variance for the look of soft, freshly pressed linens. With advanced digital printing technology, these floors offer delicate threads and weaves characteristic of fine fabrics without the frays, rips, and snags. These high-density glazed ceramic tiles are perfect for designers who love minimalist, modern, or contemporary design, as each color is subtle and sophisticated, adding a sense of simple beauty to your home décor. Make any design scheme more refined with four modern fabric inspired hues. You’ll love the chic selections within the Interceramic Linen collection, as it lies smoothly across your floors with all the soft and inviting tones of stunning linens.

Choose from four neutral tones that harmonize with all sorts of designs and décor, like Smoke, the most popular option. Its silver gray tones and soft weave make this tile perfect for living rooms and sitting rooms, where bright colors pop out and look even more vivid. Graphite is the darkest tile, a charcoal gray that minimalists love, because it emphasizes high-fashion durable flooring that embellishes your home without too much glitz. In the bathroom, try Canvas, a veritable canvas for your décor, and use the 16” x24” panels for the shower walls. It’s time to clothe your floors with the same attention you clothe yourself, with the Linen collection.