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Globus Cork 12" x 24" Cork

Globus Cork 12" x 24" Cork

Globus Cork flooring offers a sustainable, gorgeous flooring option that is perfectly applicable for use in either commercial or residential spaces, adding an essence of natural beauty and charm wherever it is used. These floors are completely Green being constructed of cork which is harvested from the bark of trees in Mediterranean forests that are never cut down, ensuring that these attractive cork floors have the least possible negative impact on the natural environment. Furthermore, Globus Cork floors are absolutely gorgeous, creating an atmosphere of warmth and elegance in just about any space where they are installed.

The colorful finish selections available in this series of Globus Cork flooring are incredibly attractive, featuring colors such as Amber Pine, a copper shade; Ebony, a dark bluish grey; Cherry, a rust colored red; Forest Green, a natural dark green shade; Maple, a dusky brown; Oro Cotta, a reddish beige; Sage, an ocean blue; Whitewashed, a light tan; and several others, making this versatile series perfect for use in any style of space. These cork floors are sized 12 x 24 , and look absolutely excellent when used in any home or workspace, creating an appearance of natural beauty with elegance and style that is difficult for other flooring collections to match.