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FreeFit LVT Standard

FreeFit LVT Standard

FreeFit’s Standard Collection LVT is a magnificent luxury vinyl tile product featuring wood grain or stone textures. Each 6” x 36” plank or 18” x 18” tile is designed to create realistic wood and stone looks with the incomparable durability of vinyl tile. With an overall thickness of 4mm and a 20 MIL wear layer, the Standard line is an extremely solid and durable product that can stand up to the worst of conditions. Precision milling techniques are utilized along the sides and ends to create a Micro V Bevel; creating a water tight fit.

Four classic stone looks and 16 realistic wood looks guarantee you can reflect your personal style. The Standard Stone Series includes colors such as Temple Bronze and Temple Grey; which achieve a decadent marble-look. Grey Slate and Blue Slate provide a look of distinction by capturing the earthen look of genuine slate in sturdy vinyl. Some of the more popular colors of the Standard Woods Series include the ultra-modern and dark Chocolate Oak, the beautiful look of Brazilian hardwood reflected in Tigerwood, light and traditional Pioneer Oak, beautiful fruitwood aesthetics in Apple, and the popular and authentic look of salvaged woods in Reclaimed Oak.

With a floating application that includes suction technology to form a non-skid surface between the substrate and the vinyl flooring, as well as tight perimeter installation; you can rest assured that your FreeFit LVT flooring will stay put no matter the conditions.

With a best-in-class lifetime residential warranty, FreeFit provides an intelligent choice in the Standard Collection; with remarkable appearances that will complement your unique style and space.