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FreeFit LVT

FreeFit LVT

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with Pro Surfer Mary Schmader
FreeFit Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers glueless installations and realistic planks that accurately depict hardwood aesthetics in a durable, resilient format. In addition to various oak, bamboo, and ash hardwood replications, FreeFit offers slate and tile looks for those who prefer a more modern, up-to-date appearance. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, FreeFit also provides free shipping on select products within the United States so long as a minimum order is fulfilled. Every FreeFit luxury vinyl product comes equipped with a 20mil wear layer, so these realistic planks and tiles can be applied in both commercial and residential installations. The company’s loose lay luxury vinyl tile will save consumers time, money, and the laborious process of cleaning up after traditional messy glue installations that many vinyl manufacturers still use to this day.

FreeFit Luxury Vinyl, in congruence with its constant innovation and creativity, has developed the HD Carpet Tile line. This collection is not actually carpet in spite of its name, but is vinyl tile designed to look like carpet. You will be able to retain the warm, inviting visuals of carpet without the maintenance associated with actual fabric. For a more traditional collection, the aptly named Standard line offers both hardwood and tile aesthetics in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit nearly every décor possibility you can imagine. The Intaglio collection from FreeFit offers more exotic and intricate details than its Standard counterpart, with HD printing technology that makes it extremely difficult to tell these luxury vinyl materials apart from the natural wood and stone that inspire them.

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