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Florim Vintage

Florim Vintage
Florim VintageFlorim Vintage

The Florim USA Vintage tile collection is retro, chic, and charming. It offers comfort to any room. It is inspired by wooden floors. It is simply style. Why not have the stylish, rustic look of hardwood floors without the hassle of hardwood maintenance. As a porcelain flooring, it is heartier than actual wood and will last much longer. Plus there is the ease of cleaning that comes with porcelain tile that you just cant get with actual hardwood (not to mention a happier bank account, too).

This pseudo hardwood flooring comes in 4 charming colors. There is the very rustic Florim USA Vintage Dark which is composed of taupe with hints of soft brown color, creating a very beautiful wood look. The browns and greys complement each other very well, making a handsome piece. As dark and handsome as it is, this color would work well in a traditional, vintage looking home or in a contemporary, modern home. Grey is 50 shades blending together with cracks and streaks and stains, giving this contemporary shade a vintage look. Honey takes a more traditional look with golden hues mixed with grey tinged stains and marks, achieving that simple, familiar wood floor look. Cream is a beige hue also mixed with grey to achieve taupe tints here and there, thus producing a contemporary yet rustic look that has been the overall theme of this tile selection.

The Florim USA Vintage comes in 6x36. They are not too big so that the planks lose their vintage look. Rather, with the size of the planks and the color palettes of each hue, this flooring collection is a harmonious union between contemporary and traditional designs, which show that both can fit together seamlessly and look beautiful while doing it.