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Florim USA Stained Wood

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Florim USA Stained Wood is a great option for those that desire the wood look but want something longer lasting than actual wood. Going by first glance and by the collection name, you would believe this flooring is wood. In reality, it is porcelain disguised as wood. Why would you want that as opposed to actual hardwood? Well, porcelain is a great option because of how durable it is and how wide the design array is – there is so much you can create with porcelain. Not to mention, it won’t (necessarily) break the bank. With all this in mind, what’s not to love about this pseudo-wood flooring?

This pseudo-wood collection comes in 4 contemporary color options that fit the modern space or the traditional space. The Florim USA Stained Wood Silver color option is a beautiful slate grey color with a mixture of dark grey, tans, and beige, all designed to work harmoniously and create a beautiful work of art for each individual plank. The colors swoop and swirl and streak across the planks in their own unique fashion, creating something modern and haut. Wood Brown is a more artistic take on dark hardwood with tans and charcoal colors sweeping across each individual plank in random designs. When put together, each plank will create a stunning work of art that will sure to catch eyes of your guests. Wood Red is a chocolate brown color with tinges of red, taupe, dark browns, and charcoals. Unlike the previous two colors, Wood Red sticks to the traditional look of hardwood rather than an artistic one. While that may be, the reds, browns, and darker hues offer the beauty and charming appeal of hardwood. Wood Honey is another traditional take on hardwood flooring with the mix of gold, brown, and greys all blurring together and sweeping across the planks, producing a traditional look of wood that everyone knows and loves. That’s what’s great about this collection; whether you’re looking for something contemporary or traditional, there’s a hue for that.

The Florim USA Stained Wood comes in 8”x48”, longer than typical hardwood to make installation a breeze as well as show off the beauty of each plank and their individual character. Another great reason to go with the pseudo-wood style of porcelain rather than traditional hardwood. There simply isn’t any other option.

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