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Florim USA Stained Cement

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Florim USA Stained Cement blends the natural aesthetics of hardwood with the bold, industrial style of concrete in the form of a durable glazed porcelain tile floor. While certainly not a hybrid floor in the true sense of the word, the blended styles of hardwood and concrete make for unique visuals hard to find in any other flooring collections. True concrete is porous to a degree, and hardwood can be very sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture. Porcelain is virtually immune to these problems, and Stained Cement is an excellent choice for people who want a stylish floor without having to worry about maintenance or specific cleaning requirements too much. With a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent and abrasion resistance of level IV, feel free to install Stained Cement in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even some outdoor applications; this Florim USA floor is resistant to freeze/thaw cycles so your tiles won't be ruined in climate extremes if you decide to opt for installation on your patio to match the inside.

Florim USA Stained Cement comes in four colors, each offered in one 8" x 48" dimension to more closely resemble the sizes of hardwood flooring planks. The high color variation between tile planks further accentuates the realism and sharp visuals offerd by this Florim USA collection. Taupe is perhaps our favorite, as the alternating greys, tans, and browns of this shade are reminiscent of old weather-worn barnwood perfect for designers who want a shabby-chic ambience. Grey is subtler in tile plank variation, but still possesses the rustic timeworn looks that work surprisingly well to balance out and offset modern décor themes for a very mixed appearance appreciative of both modern and classic design. Pearl and White are excellent shade options for rooms that require abundant natural light, such as kitchens and offices. The white variations make a great pairing with interior décor reminiscent of antiquated beach houses and grand country estates, with Pearl being the slightly darker, more varied option.