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Floorte Premio Plank

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Shaw Floorte Premio vinyl flooring conveys the upmost beauty of wood into your living space with all of the benefits of a premium vinyl floor. This waterproof, scratch-resistant highly-durable floor is an excellent and economical choice for any stylish commercial or residential interior. Almost fifty years of flooring expertise is showcased with this clever and fashionable collection. Allowing you to experience high definition printing for look that is extremely authentic.

Providing a host of on-trend options for a decorator’s ultimate delight, this collection is ideally suited to meet your flooring needs and preferred aesthetics. This versatile collection delivers thirteen color and wood grain options from which to select your next interior masterpiece. Seeking that special distressed, matured, and salvaged charm of wire-brushed reclaimed wood? Then you may want to select Floorte Premio Lucca or Siena for their fabulously textured and beautifully detailed patina and well-worn appearance. Premio Lucca is a plank that brings high levels of elegancy to it. This plank blends together beiges, whites, and specs of dark browns to portray a very modern look. The graining and knotting within this plank are leveled perfectly to portray such a magnificent look. Premio Siena, is very similar to the Lucca, but uses darker color patterns. The vinyl mixes together whites, dark and light greys, and spots of darkish brown. Very beautiful just like the Lucca, but it presents a more tone of boldness through its darker and more confined color scheme. Great in open areas, such as living rooms.

If wide swirling wood growth patterns with coppery browns and rich burnt umber are more your style, look no further than Floorte Premio Salerno or Scala for your favorite. The Premio Salerno has a very unique color. This vinyl meshes together streaks of dark brown with its burnt umber color to create a beautiful design. Really sophisticated and portrays an intense sense of confidence no matter the area it is put in. Similar design with darker features is Premio Scala. Just like the Salerno, this vinyl meshes together its dark to almost black browns and ties in streaks of light browns to complete its visual. This chocolatey smear of colors is perfect for kitchen and living room settings. It produces an extreme sense of style that will heavily draw eyes to it.

Tight grains with a fine, wood texture in this collection are also loved in homes. The best options for this type of visual is through both the Duomo and Duca. The Premio Duomo has a very smooth and satisfactory design. This vinyl incorporates its tans and white with one another to produce a look that is very mellow, but also stunning. The grains and knotting of this plank also work well with expanding its true colors. Perfect for living rooms and even bedrooms that have light colors of furniture that lay within. With the same type of design there is Premio Duca, which just like the Duomo has a beautiful presence. This vinyl incorporates more dark browns with its whites and greys to generate a more classy and fashionable look. It heavily presents itself to look as if it has earthy brown tones, which give it a fresh and more natural vibe. The smoothness shown at first glance of the flooring is also hypnotizing, leaving you wanting more of it. Regardless of your preferred look or style, this collection possesses the range of options needed to satisfy your inner designer.

Shaw Floorte Premio vinyl flooring is cut into planks, sized 6” x 48” and carefully printed with high definition technology which flawlessly matches the appearance of real wood. Owing to the quality engineering applied to this flooring collection, this durable floor is easily installed with minimal preparation and additional cost. The flexible and resilient planks also hide flaws in the ground beneath its surface, so you can enjoy a more perfect floor without any further hassle. Warranties are also offered to each plank, in a residential or commercial aspect. The residential warranty has a lifetime limited warranty while the commercial has a 10-year warranty with light commercial use. Use planks from this collection for your home or business today for a satisfying flooring choice engineered to last.

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