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EcoTimber Hardwood

EcoTimber Hardwood

EcoTimber hardwood flooring has been devoted to forest preservation and delivering quality products to its customers since its inception in 1992. Boasting a wide variety of styles and variations, EcoTimber offers hardwood flooring products that range from the exotically wild to the classically traditional. The company takes its hardwood exclusively from sustainable forests, as its original commitment to environmentally sound practices has not changed in spite of Eco Timber’s growth as a business. In addition to eco-friendly harvesting methods, the California-based flooring company also has a line of reclaimed oak hardwood, which further contributes to their hardwood products’ sustainability. Recycled hardwood can also create unique patterns that cannot be created from freshly harvested hardwood, giving your living space an element of originality that will outshine others.

EcoTimber hardwood currently offers both domestic and exotic species, the latter of which are relatively uncommon and not carried by the majority of other wood manufacturers. With species such as Caribbean Rosewood and Tikal, your floor has the potential to stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. The unique visuals of the World Woods collection will complement the décor of virtually any space, whether you live in a traditional country cottage or a modern loft apartment that floats above the city below. Poplar is another collection worth considering, as its namesake species is not often used in the realm of hardwood flooring. Thanks to the high color variation found in walnut hardwood planks, Orchard gives intricately flowing visuals to your living space that are difficult to find elsewhere. For a bold, contemporary look, Nature’s Lodge offers 7” wide white oak planks in several shades to closely match your home décor. With EcoTimber, it’s hard to go wrong with the company’s unique combination of style and sustainability.

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