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Earthwerks Regalia Vinyl collection is here with a generous and beautiful color palette, two versatile sizes, and a sea of opportunities to reinvent ourselves while caring about our environment. If we were to describe the sophisticated style presented here in three words, we would say: “Clean”, “traditional”, and “elegant”. These are the ideal vinyl surfaces to provide your commercial and residential spaces with a minimalist traditional wood look that only the most exclusive selection in taupes can portray.

Two sizes presenting us with six different colors each, as well as the ability to mix and match this exquisitely neutral surfaces throughout our interior spaces. If a smaller, 7” x 48” size sounds as a realistic perspective of your future interiors, let’s then start with their Cumberland, which submerges us into a subtle caramel brown our most traditionalist consumers adore. Their option Granary in this same size leans towards a gray overcoat combining a rosewood tonality through a horizontal rhythm. Following this same idea of a gray stain, Catskills inclines all the way to a charcoal, integrating a few brown touches to contrast this gloomier visual. Cobblestone, on the other hand, insists in that natural wood look through a teak appearance, while Woodstock leads us towards a brown mahogany aspect instead. Concluding the color selection for this size, Bridgeport is a sophisticated mud oak resemblance you won’t want to miss.

Now, if a larger 9” x 60” sounds more appealing, then start checking this alternate color palette being introduced by Driftwood, that, just like its descriptive name suggests, is a clear representation of this last one on vinyl consisting of a sandstone brown shade. Followed by this is Berkshire, which adds more of that gray tonalities we were talking about with a few touches of tans throughout. And if you’re still leaning towards a completely traditional look, then Timberlake brings us that muted autumn maple hue. Talking about the warmth of traditional with a modern spark, Raleigh is here to show off its exquisite combination of espresso and chocolate brown. Durham initiates a scale of grays through a cool silver, while Charwood escalates this concept to the limits of a jet black wood aspect modern innovators will fall in love with.

This sustainable product is 100% recyclable after being installed and used, providing us with a stylish way to care and innovate. The planks 20 mil wearlayer and Tuff Shield finish application make these surfaces scratch and stain resistant, ideal for all commercial and residential purposes. Also, incorporating beauty into your home and business was never this simple, since through their click installation method, they’re guaranteeing you an efficient and stress-free installation. Choose convenience, sustainability and style by selecting Earthwerks Regalia Vinyl.

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