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Daltile Yorkwood Manor

Daltile Yorkwood Manor

Daltile Yorkwood Manor tile flooring is simply patchwork perfection. Mixture and swirls of several different light colored and dark colored, natural woods not only make this flooring concept unique, but breathtaking. The very essence of this wood is rustic barnyard meets contemporary sophistication. Each tone and style with its rugged, water stained appearance is a fabulous upgrade that translates well in any kitchen, living room, or office (meeting rooms included) looking for something fights against the mundane. This concept is wondrous way to shake things up!

The theme of this brilliant tile flooring collection is simple; less is much more. Shades like Daltile Yorkwood Manor Pecan are a sweet reminder of how yummy cinnamon buns…tile floors truly are. Pecan is a smooth yet rugged mix of light blond colored woods combined with darker tones lying just underneath. For those who are fans of the “dark side” try Yorkwood Manor Deep Walnut complete with swirls of dark mahogany and chocolate undertones.

For the brave soul who thrives on a thrill, there is Yorkwood Manor Birchtree. A total 360 from the other styles, this particular floor is simply marvelous with dark woods, light undertones, and a chalky white overlay tied into one floor. It is definitely a breath of fresh air in the world of the ordinary.

This collection also offers Bullnose and each floor choice is available in one size; 6 x 36 for a smooth installation process. The thickness of each floor, the charisma of each tone, and the break from traditional flooring is what makes this flooring assortment one to be cherished. The joy of a unique and interesting experience is often remembered with fondness.

Let this floor collection be that unique and interesting experience you can look at over and over again and share the same feeling. Shake things up with Daltile Yorkwood Manor tile flooring….because ordinary flooring is so 1952.