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Daltile Veranda Tones

Daltile Veranda Tones

Daltile’s increasingly popular Veranda Tones collection fuses earthy tones with looks of leather, bamboo, pearls, suede, and steel to offer both selection and style. Inspired by both man-made and natural sources, this lively series provides the perfect balance between casual comfort and sleek sophistication. With its greatest beauty lying in its versatility, apply these color-body porcelain tiles to any room’s floors and walls for a designer appeal with endless character.

Varying rich progressive shades heighten the allure of these chic tiles, offering endless visual depth while coming to life to effortlessly complete any space. With Veranda Tones’ clean, graceful artistry, the eclectic nature of this series offers fresh, in vogue linear detailing that presents elongated detailing, working to open up any rooms aesthetic. These immaculate features are applied to either a 13” x20” rectangular tile or an amplified 20” x20” tile, both offering a contemporary touch with a timeless trendiness. Of their available five finishes, Zen Garden reveals a light complexion in calming shades of cream, ivory, and tan that is perfect for creating a spa-like bathroom. Drastically darker, Bamboo Forest is a dramatic blend of tans and browns with subtle charcoal grey accenting. The finish of Iron Jungle serves as a more distinct shade, offering a more modern inspired interplay of steel greys, tans, creams, and charcoal greys.