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Daltile Quarry Tile

Daltile Quarry Tile

Daltileís Quarry Tile series provides an excellent porcelain tile that works wonderfully for absolutely any commercial application. This is an excellent tile to choose for high traffic areas due to its high durability, and with eight eye-pleasing colors to choose from, itís simple to find the right color to match your space. This is a quality tile with an economical price point, so it is an excellent choice for larger sized jobs. For anyone searching for a high-quality, durable tile that offers an affordable solution for large commercial projects such as walkways or patios, Quarry Tile is an excellent choice.

The Quarry Tile collection is available in a variety of solid neutral colors. Red Blaze is a popular choice for use outdoors in walkways and patios. Golden Dune is an interesting coppery hue that is perfectly suited for outdoor courtyards. Colors like Arid Flash, and Blaze Flash, are ideal for use in restaurants and retail spaces. Plus, the collection is available with both smooth and abrasive surfaces. If the tiles are used in a moisture-prone area, such as a commercial kitchen, the abrasive surface can help prevent slippage. Overall, Daltile Quarry Tile is a durable tile with an understated look that is appropriate for all commercial applications.