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Daltile Porada

Daltile Porada
Daltile PoradaDaltile Porada

Daltile Porada Porcelain Tile flooring stands boldly at the corner of traditional and modern. Bold in spirit and eye-catching in appearance, the Porada collection features a powerful and unique look, while maintaining the durability and simple upkeep of tile. If you're looking to achieve a patterned look, or perhaps add depth and texture to your floors, then look no further than Daltile Porada.

Porada porcelain tile is designed with a stone-like appearance, which makes Daltile Porada Porcelain the perfect alternative to slate; and with modular sizes conducive to creating patterns, this collection is easily customizable. Daltile Porada will transform any room with its unique, custom brick-joint patterns, and gray and brown color palettes. This finely-crafted tile has a slight hint of shimmer that is sure to bring this collection to center stage. Tiles come in three sizes 20x20, 13x 20, and 13 in. x 13 in. and additional character is achieved through delicate textures. Accessories that complement Daltile Porada are a bullnose and cove base. The collection comes in four amazing colors: a light blending of brown and gray in Soft Taupe PR31, light-reflecting Subtle Grey PR33, Rich Brown (PR32) and Deep Grey PR34.

This tile is also highly resistant to scratching and is perfect for both high-traffic residential and commercial floors, such as: entrances, commercial kitchens, hotels, and exhibition and sales rooms. Basically any place needing a trendy and modern look with dramatic colors that explode onto the scene fabulously will achieve said look with Daltile Porada Porcelain Tile flooring.