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Daltile Granite

Daltile Granite

Forged in the flames at the center of the Earth, granite is almost as hard as diamonds and just as dazzling with its wide range of tones and grain patterns. Luckily, with the Daltile Granite collection, the natural beauty of granite can be yours. Now with a staggering selection of colors to choose from, Daltile gives you the capability to design a unique home with endless combination possibilities. Granite is used widely in New England to build house foundations, and now let granite be the foundation for your fashionable home design, with the Granite collection from Daltile.

Itís hard to pick just one favorite among the dozens of stunning 12Ē x12Ē tiles, but Blue Pearl is one of our most popular, with its silver, midnight blue, and black tones that look beautiful as a border for the brighter options, like Luna Pearl, pale gray and navy blue. We recommend using the brown speckled Kashmir White for your kitchen floors and the copper, gray and black tones of Dakota Mahogany for counters. Daltile encourages creativity, so try something different! In the living room, alternate colors like Absolute Black and velvety green Impala Black in a diamond or linear pattern. In the bathroom, we like Madurai Gold with an Adige Warm Blend split face accent. Adopt the treasure born from our planetís center, with the Granite collection by Daltile.