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Columbia Chatham Solid

Columbia Chatham Solid

Columbia Chatham Solid hardwood provides the look of a timeworn floor that has been cherished for generations. Special finishes and aging techniques give Chatham Solid floors a rich patina that is both beautiful and warm. Offered in ash, maple, cherry, hickory, and walnut species, Chatham Solid can match virtually any design sensibilities that fall under the umbrella of traditional hardwood décor. Backed by a 25-year finish warranty, these Columbia hardwoods will last for generations with proper care and maintenance. Due to Chatham’s solid construction, these floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times in order to rejuvenate their original luster and shine.

Columbia Chatham Solid is available in 5” solid hardwood planks and 7 different colors to maximize design flexibility. Coral Embers Cherry is a lovely blend of reddish brown and coppery tones that looks warm and inviting in living rooms, dens, and home offices. Pier Walnut is a dark brown with black mineral streaks ideal for solid, dignified décor themes. Straw Hickory is a light brown that looks wonderful in rooms with high ceilings and available natural light, creating stunning visuals and cascading accents throughout your home.