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Columbia Beacon Oak

Columbia Beacon Oak

Columbia Beacon Oak sports five traditional hardwood colors that reinvent the classic look. This engineered hardwood floor is equipped with a satin finish that provides a remarkably beautiful appearance that will be relished for generations. Thanks to its engineered construction, Beacon Oak can be installed in basement remodels as well as split-level floor plans, as it is less susceptible to moisture than its solid cousins. Whether you desire traditional or contemporary design patterns, Columbia Beacon Oak certainly has something to offer.

Columbia Beacon Oak is available in five colors and two sizes for maximum design flexibility. Go with a 3” wide plank for a more traditional design. The wider 5” plank is ideal for contemporary applications, enhancing the spatial depth of any room. Honey Oak is a lovely reddish brown that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere for living rooms and dens. Natural Oak is the lightest of the colors, perfect for accentuating available natural light in rooms with high ceilings and large windows. Cider Oak is a nice intermediate brown that blends well with a variety of décor options.